Review: “Ostara and the Magical Dimensions of Spring” – Thomas Sheridan 

“Thomas is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, comedy writer, musician, public speaker and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His presentation will be a journey through the world of mythology, psychology, art, the Tarot, literature, the IndoEuropean magical tradition, as well as, the meaning of seeking a deeper and more satisfying lifestyle through this connection.”The Broadway 


As we enter into Springtime and our days begin to get warmer we will enter into a new phase in Western society where our media, our supermarkets, and our commercial factions move away from the Winter marketing and look to a more warmer outlook for the Spring and Summertime.   

On Wednesday night, at The Broadway Theatre in Peterborough, Thomas Sheridan took us through a presentation that explored, explained, and referenced ancient symbolism, archaic mythology, psychology, and neuroscience (plus many other topics) in relation to our current Western Springtime habits and lifestyle choices. Sheridan conveyed comparisons of the precious Irish Imbolc festival celebrations and how its ancient symbols have been flipped on its head in the last century to be used unlawfully in no other than World War Two (The Swastika). He discussed how ancient symbolism is not a thing of the past and we have a long withstanding history of symbolism being embedded into our human consciousness (whether we are aware of this or not).


 Referring to the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, Sheridan divulged into their notable writings furthering his explanations of Western and Eastern symbolism and the relationship between mythology and psychology which again, has now been theorised for over a century. It is nothing new that our corporations and media are well aware of the effects of the images ingrained into our human psyche – how they can use this, manipulate it, and apply it for a commercial gain. Now we are approaching Easter we will be overloaded with chocolate Easter eggs and golden Bunny rabbits – unquestionably purchasing these from our supermarkets. If we just scratch the surface we can understand that these resonate with us on so much more than just a Biblical level. Sheridan demonstrates the eternal and archetypal symbol of the Egg and links the Vishnu Egg and the Orphic Egg to our current celebrations in the West of what we are told are Christian traditions. As Jung stated in Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

“As the former it is the Orphic Egg, the world’s beginning; as the latter, the philosophical egg of the medieval natural philosophers, the vessel from which, at the end of the opus alchymicum, the homunculus emerges… the spiritual, inner, and complete man.”


Sheridan asked us to try and celebrate Easter this year, if possible, with this in mind. I feel it is time we try and live through our ancestors wisdom by harnessing our inner spirits not with chocolate Eggs – but by creative and artistic means such as getting our children to paint eggs like they do in Persian culture and also exploring our beautiful English countryside to see the wildlife and the nature that will now be coming out as the days get warmer. If we take a step back for a moment and try to understand why we are making the choices we make and buying the things that we buy we will see that all the information is out there and accessible. It also may make us feel that little more whole if we educate and inform ourselves with essential information that can help us pave the way to a society that has a more informed understanding of the times we are living through.


The presentation continued with Sheridan  exploring esoteric topics in a clear and concise manner that was easy to understand; from the “Archetype Entanglement Marketing and Advertising” to “The Indo-European Horned Gods of Rebirth and Abundance” which relate into our modern depictions of the Christian representation of the Devil  – he covers a wide range of subjects and Sheridan talks about them all with intelligence, wisdom, care, and a great sense of humour. Sheridan’s insight into our modern society which is rooted in ancient religions, especially Paganism, and his observations of an ever evolving technological culture that is still so connected to the symbols and meanings of the past are explained in a thought-provoking and accessible way. His lecture was attended by people from all walks of life, young and old. I would highly recommend anyone to attend and see Sheridan’s work, his vigorous studying is conveyed through his very powerful knowledge which contribute to his artistry and academia. A truly connected Artist well needed in the current times.

Thomas Sheridan’s next event is on 4th April 2018 in Cork, Ireland. Please see his website for further information: